Saturday, March 19, 2011

Update 1.1

* Increased size of buttons
* Added left/right buttons (optional)
* Accuracy is displayed, if available

Please note: Since 1.1 this app requires Android 1.6 to run. I needed to update to 1.6 to minimize permission set to sd card and gps access. If you still run 1.5 Android let me know and I can send you the app for 1.5 manually.


  1. Many thanks for this application, I relay like it ;-)

  2. Hi, I have a problem using dedeegpslogger. In my first trackung run, nearly all went fine: I got a nice track and also waypoints were set, but the recorded track ends some 100 meters before I stopped tracking. I didn't notice this while tracking, because dedeegpslogger was still active and also responded to key inputs.

    Since then I did several other tries to log housenumbers, but dedeegpslogger doesn't write files anymore. The strange thing is: the app accepts key inputs and also shows the small confirmation "bubble" (something like "R15") for the inputs.

    To prevent beeing victim of a hung-up app, I also restarted my phone to force close dedeegpslogger, but this didn't change anything.

    Please give me some hint on what I can do. I Like the concept very much and I would really like to use it.